Solar Inverter / UPS Systems

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Sustainability is a core principle for MRCCS as a company and therefore we specialise in aspects of renewable energy. Harnessing the energy from the sun and converting it into electricity is a powerful method to help make your household or business more sustainable, along with various other benefits such as reduced electricity costs, setting a positive example, and of course generating electricity in an environmentally friendly means.

It is difficult to come by standalone solar inverter system manufacturers in the UK, however, we have been manufacturing these electrical devices for quite some time now. They are crucial in converting direct current into alternating current, in other words they are fundamental in the application of transporting bulk power from the solar panels to the device(s). Due to government incentives, solar technology has become an increasingly popular device in the UK for energy regeneration. Since it is a new technology, MRCCS has taken a critical step in investing and pioneering standalone solar inverter chargers with battery backup systems for the UK market but also have provided key solutions abroad for remote rural areas in Ghana and the Asian sub-continent, where energy shortages and load shedding is prevalent.

So why choose our solar inverters systems over another manufacturer? First, you will find that our solar inverters systems will fit nicely into any solar design installation. Second, our prices are a lot more competitive than other brands in this niche industry, despite our low prices the quality isn't compromised in any shape or form, and have actively imported components used in these systems from high quality manufacturers in Taiwan and Germany. And finally, a key part of our ethos is our end user and therefore we aim help with everything, including; maintenance, installation and consultation.

RV Solar Inverter Systems

These are solar converters designed specifically to fit your RV or campervan. We have manufactured these to be portable and more affordable than ever and also easy to install. We have a variety of options for all vehicle sizes and energy needs, making them an ideal fit regardless of the application. Each kit comes with an inverter, batteries and solar panels, not to mention technical support and electrical design drawing.

Marine Solar Inverter Systems

These kits have many applications and the possibilities are endless. They are similar in nature and design to the RV converters and should definitely be considered before you set off sailing again.

Grid Tie Solar Inverter Systems

These converters produce the pure sine wave that is compatible with the alternating current waveform produced by utility companies. They can however be a little more expensive than the other inverter options, but that cost is somewhat subsided due to the fact they are compatible with almost everything and can be operated with power from the grid.

Off Grid Tie Solar Inverter Systems

These inverters were manufactured to be independent from the utility power grid. The inverter converted the stored energy from the batteries to AC power (although sometimes DC power). These are cheaper than grid tie solar inverters and have a range of benefits i.e. if the grid is down you will still have power, can save on costs, encourages conservation and efficiency in the user of electricity.


  1. Off Grid
  2. Marine
  3. Grid-Tie
  4. Mobile Inverters


  1. Transformerless and programmable design
  2. Multi-functional inverter-charger with selectable Utility vs. Solar priority modes via LCD
  3. Built-in MPPT solar charger, up to 60Amp!
  4. Wide AC input range
  5. Pure sine wave output
  6. 2X surge capacity up to 5 seconds
  1. Monitoring RJ45-RS232 capability
  2. Adjustable charging current
  3. Compatible with generators
  4. Overload/Overtemp/short circuit protections
  5. Cold start capability (requires DC)
  6. Supports LiFePo4 battery (available only on 3248 & 4048MS)

MRCCS provided me with an excellent solar inverter solution for my home in Pakistan. The system is still very functional and reliable and I would highly recommend their service