Aircraft Ground Power Units

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MRCCS is a manufacturer of ground power units for every type of aviation. Our products are varied and will suit any aviation situation that requires a GPU. You will find that the GPU's that we make are top quality and competitively priced. Our bespoke high quality components have help make our products stand out from the crowd, providing key selling points such as excellent power to weight ratio (and also power to price ratio). Along with our excellent customer service and knowledge of GPU's, you can be certain that our products are sustainable and efficient.

In other words, our GPU products represent an amazing opportunity in optimising and reducing running costs for the aviation industry, in the flight preparation phase. You will find that our products have been made to be as efficient and sustainable as possible, by reducing fuel consumption and maintenance. In addition you will find our solutions to be green and virtually silent, not to mention they are intuitive and easy to use. While our products have a list of benefits and we truly believe they are the best on the market, we are constantly looking to improve them to become even more impactful, our UPS products are what they are today because of this mentality.


  1. 28.5VDC power units with 25, 50, 100, 200, 300 and 400 amp outputs. Continuous Power Units and Combination models available.
  2. Aviation power cables with aircraft plugs.
  3. 400Hz Frequency converters for hanger maintenance or Airport use. We are one of a few manufacturers who design and build 400Hz frequency converters.
  4. 28VDC, 500A Load Bank


Technical Data

  1. Voltage: 200/115 VAC for 400Hz - 28.5VDC – Max Peak up to 8000A (dependent on model of product)


  1. 28 VDC unit for single or simultaneous operation, continuous load: 600A
  2. 2x28 / 56 VDC for simultaneous operation
  3. Many versions are available upon request