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DC Power Supplies

We manufacture and supply a broad selection of DC power supplies that can meet any testing, research, education, or automated system you may have – from basic to complex – with an array of capabilities (range of voltage, current and power outputs). By investing in one of our DC power supplies, you will be able to (1) test confidently with clean, accurate DC power that’s fully specified and guaranteed (2) safeguard during the testing phase to avoid potential malfunctions, with comprehensive output protection and fault detection capabilities and (3) enhance system flexibility with build in measurement tools. You will find each engineered solution are intuitive and easy to use, however, they do come with instructions and we offer limited time support for any queries you may have.

Our power supplies are efficient and effective for supplying electrical energy to an electrical load. You will find that our power supplies are created with the latest technology, easy to use interface, and are very safe and secure to use. Currently, we offer a range of power supplies varying in size and specification, thus you will more than likely find one suitable for your application, and if not, we can build a bespoke power supply.

Onsite refurbishment of existing controls

For many years now, we have been actively involved in onsite work, where our engineers and designers have travelled the breadth of the country installing and commissioning new and refurbished equipment to your applications. Our testing process is comprehensively rigorous and stringent ensuring all components work in unison with each other and perform well.

Heating & Ventilation Controls and Refurbishment

We are a leading manufacturer of industrial and commercial heating and ventilation control systems. Our team of engineers our happy to provide free advice on the selection and application of our systems i.e. what is the best control options for you. We take the same approach for any project, large or small, to provide advice before providing the solution. This advice and the solution will be based on the factors of performance and cost. At the end of the day, for us, it is not about heating and cooling a premises, it is more than that. It is about being efficient and being environmentally sound using the latest control systems. Therefore, you will find that our systems are a complete solution for providing thermal comfort and indoor air quality, as we use the latest technology and methods to do so.

Water Pumping Stations Controls

We offer a range of controls for water pump systems depending on what your requirements are. Currently our systems have been designed to make sure your water pumps are correctly controlled and managed. Regardless of your operating conditions, you will find that we have a system for you, and if we don’t, we will build a bespoke solution. If you are unsure on what type of controls you need, we offer free consultation, providing you with in-depth information on our services and solutions. Regardless of what system you decide, you will find the performance for the specification of our pumping controls to be top notch, as we pride ourselves in customer satisfaction. The reason our systems are so effective is because we use the best materials, technology and unique blueprints that gives us the upper edge over our competitors.

Gas Leak Monitoring Controllers

Our leak detection systems are capable of detecting a range of unwanted substances and leaks in the control room or workplace through the use of a range of sensors. All these sensors connect back to a range of controllers to accommodate any size or budget of project. Our systems are comprehensive and can work with many detectors. All of our equipment comes with high sensitivity controllers and require very low maintenance. The rugged and durable design enables them to withstand any harsh environment and last longer without any interference required on the user’s end. So whatever the environment and whatever the gas, we have a product that will help you measure, monitor and transmit.

Control Consoles

Regardless of your industry, we can build a comprehensive, functional and intuitive control console for your staff to use. Whether you are in the utilities, process control, public safety, technology or the medical sector, we have experience and a solution ready for your company. Monitoring any process in any sector involves a great deal of communication, technological integration, data processing, workflow understanding and various other aspects of information to incorporate. On the basis of that, we create a setup and use specialised software to make handling a control console a user friendly system, that doesn’t require impractical amount of technical knowledge to use.

All our products that are incorporated in the control console are therefore intuitive and designed and built for 24/7 critical environments, having various backup protocols. Moreover, the typical equipment and process we use, are not only user friendly but sustainable and environmentally friendly. If you would like to learn more about the type of setup we can offer your company, let us know and we will provide some consultation and show previous work.

Control Panels and Sub-Assemblies

We manufacture and supply control panels that add immense value to your assembly operations. We have a lot of experience when it comes to help manage supply chains and reduce costs by applying our control panels. In other words, MRCCS has the infrastructure and supply chain management expertise to coordinate the numerous parts and subassemblies your control assemblies may require – thus helping to keep on budget and your production on time. And this applies to all applications, from agriculture to automobiles, MRCCS will help control your assembly needs.

We know that supply chains can be complicated and increasing efficiency may seem alien, therefore we provide the whole package. We give out consultation, carry out testing to ensure everything functions correctly, and then carry out the process. If our control panels are something that excites you and your business, contact us today and get professional help from people who know what they are talking about.

Complex Multi-Branch Harness Assemblies and Looms

Here in the MRCCS warehouse we have a dedicated production team who are able to manufacture to the highest possible quality standards complex looms and cable harnesses with multiple branches, such as looms used in the automobile, medical and scientific industries. Our solutions are bespoke and we typically operate in a way where our engineering department produce schematics, instructions and operating procedures, where our production team, with all the relevant information will ensure that these assemblies and looms are produced to the highest quality you may expect. Like all of our products that we manufacture, we ensure a rigorous quality control environment where our assemblies and looms are inspected and verified while still in production. Eventually these products will go through various other stages of production and testing, to ensure a reliable, safe and robust product.