Power Distribution Systems

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We are a leader in the manufacturing and supply of power distribution systems that are developed by highly qualified engineers on our grounds in Bristol. We currently offer several power distribution systems including; Power Distribution Panels, Power Supply and Distribution System, LV Power Distribution

Providing the final stage in the delivery of electrical power, our power distribution systems carry electricity from the transmission system to the consumer, in a safe and efficient manner. As one of the reputed manufacturers and suppliers of a range of power distribution systems in the United Kingdom, you will find we offer a vast range of Power Distribution Systems, for any sort of voltage. We also manufacture bespoke solutions, from scratch. These solutions are engineered to be as economical and sustainable as possible, when functioning in terms of power distribution. The quality of these solutions is unquestionable and will be a perfect fit in the system you have or are trying to build.

Whether it is a custom or our range of existing power distribution systems, customer satisfaction and in-house satisfaction in this department is our primary objective that we try our best to uphold. You will find that all our power distribution systems come with a comprehensive manual, detailing every aspect of your purchase. On top of that, we also offer an installation service where one of our engineers will come out and help set everything up.

After setup is complete, you will still be satisfied with effective voltage control, reliable and consistent solution, and superior functionality when compared to other power distribution systems on the market. If you are however struggling with our piece of equipment, we offer maintenance and support during the typical British working hours.


  1. Schneider Power Distribution Panel Boards (Complete Acti 9 catalogue range available) - Powerpact 4, market-leading and low voltage distribution MCCB Panelboard and I-Line MCCB Panelboard series
  2. Terasaki (Complete catalogue range available) - Pro-DB Distribution Boards and Pro-Panel Panel boards
  3. Dorman Smith (Complete catalogue ranges available) – Loadbank 125, 200, 250 Panel Boards; Loadlimiter 63 MCB Distribution Boards; Loadswitch; Circuit Protection and Modular Devices and Modis 12 and 25 LV Modular Distribution System
  4. Assemble as power lighting boards with full metering, completely wired with schematics


Technical Data

  1. Power Distribution Systems are ordered and assembled as per your requirements. Get in touch with us today to discuss what your setup will look like!
  2. We offer dedicated support and advice on choosing the correct Panel Distribution board for your application and offer installation onsite.
  3. Technical data is available upon request