MRCCS has established itself as a leading authority in Control Panel Manufacture, Systems Integration, Motor Control Centres, and LV Switchgear Design.

Since its inception in Chew Magna in 2000, MRCCS has experienced rapid growth, earning a well-deserved reputation as one of the premier electrical engineering and contracting companies in the South West region.

Our Story

With a wide-reaching reputation and an unrivaled proficiency, we extend our expertise to projects of varying scales. From crafting individual control panels to executing the manufacturing and installation of comprehensive plant control systems, our influence transcends borders, encompassing both the UK and international markets.

As you endeavour to enhance production dependability and curtail costs within a fiercely competitive landscape, MRCCS stands equipped with the requisite knowledge and expertise to guide you towards harnessing the advantages offered by cutting-edge control and automation technologies.

With an unmatched comprehension of your industry's unique requirements and a matchless proficiency in design and implementation, we offer our assistance in elevating productivity and minimising expenses, guaranteeing optimal returns on your investments.

MRCCS has consistently maintained its position as a leader in meeting the ever-evolving demands of various industries, establishing a renowned status through the delivery of quality products and services.

Acknowledging your need for cutting-edge installations while prioritising unwavering dependability, we comprehend your needs on both technological and reliability fronts.

Furthermore, we recognise your commitment to environmental sustainability and the corresponding responsibilities. Merging our expertise in the practical demands of the contemporary industrial landscape with an unparalleled understanding of rapidly evolving technologies, we offer pioneering systems that surpass expectations across all domains.

Our Team

Having established our presence in 2000, MRCCS has witnessed profound transformations within our industry. From the advent of digitalisation to the emergence of  the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, the landscape has undergone significant shifts. However, the core essence of MRCCS remains the same. Our unwavering focus has always been, and will always be, centred around the individuals who comprise our workforce.

The team at MRCCS fills us with tremendous pride, as their contributions shape our identity and success.

So why do business with MRCCS?

Centrally focused on our people, our deep commitment to quality is at the core of our mission. We derive immense satisfaction from our endeavours, taking great pride in every aspect of our work. Our passion revolves around identifying the ideal solutions that cater to the distinct requirements of our esteemed clientele.