Our core environmental principles span four crucial areas

Reducing Our Impact

Efficient Supply Chains

Embracing Technology

Innovating Sustainable Solutions


Sustainability is no longer a choice but a fundamental imperative for many businesses. Beyond ethical considerations, adopting sustainable practices is pivotal for long-term success and resilience.

For this reason, we are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact, while also enhancing operational efficiency and cost savings.


Heating Generated by Air to Air Heat Pumps


Fully LED Lighting


Reuse Packaging

Our Impact

We're taking deliberate steps to minimise our environmental impact, starting with reducing, reusing, and recycling resources. Making the switch to energy-efficient LEDs, cutting down plastic usage, and incorporating energy-saving appliances are just some of the tangible actions we've embraced.

Notably, we've gone the extra mile by introducing Air to Air Heat Pumps, a green alternative to gas-powered blowers, enhancing both efficiency and environmental responsibility across our workshop.

And this is just the beginning; soon, our rooftop will host solar panels, a move that will empower us to generate a substantial 40% of our electricity sustainably.

Supply Chains

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond our own operations – it extends to our supply chain. We recognise that a truly sustainable business necessitates sustainable suppliers.

We actively engage with our suppliers, looking at ways our values can align and exploring alternative sustainable options, ensuring that every link in our supply chain resonates with our eco-conscious ethos.

By directly procuring a variety of our components directly from manufacturers, we eliminate intermediaries and the emissions associated with transportation.


Embracing technology is a cornerstone of our sustainability strategy. We're leveraging cutting-edge technology to gather data, identify inefficiencies, and foster transparent financial management.

We are currently developing a CRM and ERP system, this technological integration not only will propel our internal processes but also nurture stronger relationships with our valued customers and suppliers, as we collectively work toward a more sustainable future.

Sustainable Solutions

Innovation is in our DNA. We've fostered a work culture that thrives on collaboration and creativity. This approach empowers every member of our team to think innovatively, share novel ideas, experiment, and implement them.

This agile approach to innovation is vital for our adaptability in the face of an ever-changing business landscape, an essential trait for any business aspiring to sustainability.

Furthermore, our supplied panels play a pivotal role in enabling numerous clients to offer eco-friendly power solutions and combined heat and power (CHP) systems. These systems are instrumental in reducing emissions and fostering a greener energy supply, both within the UK and on a global scale.