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The energy industry is a vital sector that powers economies and provides essential services to individuals and businesses alike. In this dynamic and complex industry, electrical systems are critical components that ensure the efficient and safe generation, transmission, and distribution of energy. MRCCS specialise in designing and manufacturing customised electrical solutions for various sub-sectors in the energy industry, including industrial, utilities, defence, and nuclear.


Electrical systems are integral to the operation of machinery and equipment used in manufacturing processes. To meet the specific requirements of industrial applications, we design and manufacture low voltage switchgear, switchboards, and motor control centres that ensure optimal performance, safety, and reliability. Our solutions are customised to cater to the unique needs of each client and are designed to ensure efficient and safe operation of electrical systems.


The utilities sector relies heavily on reliable and efficient electrical systems for the generation, transmission, and distribution of energy. We provide custom-designed low voltage switchgear, switchboards, distribution boards, and motor control centres that meet the specific requirements of pumping stations, water treatment plants, and other utility infrastructure. Our solutions are designed to ensure optimal energy efficiency, reliability, and safety.


In the defence sector, electrical systems are critical components that enable communication, radar systems, and weapon systems. We specialise in delivering high-quality and reliable electrical solutions, including control panels, switchgear, and distribution boards for critical defence infrastructure. Our solutions are designed to meet the stringent safety and security requirements of the defence sector while ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.


The nuclear sector demands highly specialised and customised electrical solutions to ensure the safe and reliable operation of nuclear power plants. We have extensive experience in providing bespoke electrical solutions that cater to the specific needs of the nuclear industry. Our solutions include custom-designed low voltage switchgear, control panels, and distribution boards that are designed to ensure optimal safety, reliability, and efficiency in nuclear power plants.


Switchgear, controls, and motor control centres are essential components of electrical systems across all sub-sectors of the energy industry. They provide critical protection and control functions for electrical systems, ensuring safe and reliable operation. Motor control centres are used for controlling and monitoring electrical motors, ensuring optimal performance, efficiency, and safety. We understand the constant need for clients to maintain their energy consumption as well as being able to monitor these parameter, our control design ensures clients are able to monitor these remotely if required via a centralised cloud based solution.

We have a highly skilled team of engineers and technicians who work closely with our clients to understand their needs and provide solutions that exceed their expectations. With our commitment to quality, safety, and reliability, we are a trusted partner for all your electrical needs in the energy sector.

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